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Ain’t America Grand? August 14, 2007

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America certainly has some unusual place names. I wonder if the name of the town is an indication of what the nature of the town. Do you think Coatesville really is full of coats?



1. Ed Darrell - August 14, 2007

Nor is Lancaster full of lancs or asters. Intercourse is an old name — my recollection is that three or four roads intersected there, and they put in what we might today call a roundabout, but what was then called an intercourse, to aid in picking the road you wanted to take to get out of there.

A couple of other towns in the area that lend some merriment: Paradise, and Blue Ball. In fact, before the “new road” was built, I’ve been told, the best way to get from Blue Ball to Paradise was through Intercourse. Every high school boy agrees.

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