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Dragon Will Devour the Moon August 20, 2007

Posted by psmc in astronomy, Moon, Science, Sun.

On August 28 there will be a total lunar eclipse. For those living in the eastern US the eclipse begins at 3:54 AM EDT.  But you really won’t notice anything until the Moon starts to enter the umbra, or main shadow at 4:50 AM. Totality starts at 5:52 AM EDT. This will last for nearly 90 minutes. Which means that for people on the East Caost the moon will set still undergoing eclipse.

For those who like to rise early in the Central Time zone for an early morning jog will be treated to seeing eclipsed moon. During totality the color of the moon darkens to a deep blood red, but in some years it has darken even more.  Each eclipse is slightly different.

For people in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii will be able to see the entire eclipse.  Provided the weather cooperates.  For those in the UK, Europe and Africa will not see it.  Sorry Kathy.

Two weeks later, on September 11 there will be solar eclipse.  However it will be a partial solar eclipse and will be visible from western South America and Antarctica.



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