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Justice for Jena, well sort of September 15, 2007

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Awhile back I commented an injustice that occurred in Jena, LA.   I am happy to say that for one of the young men involved,  the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned his  conviction.  The court said that the charges he faced warranted him being tried as a juvenile and not an adult.  It is not known what the district attorney will do.  But if he is re-charged and re-tried, it will have to be in the juvenile courts.

Earlier two other defendants had their charges reduced to aggravated battery. The other three still face the original charge of attempted murder. They are still awaiting trial.  If found guilty of attempted murder, they can face 80 years in jail.

I am not saying that they should go unpunished, they did after all beat up some one.  But it was not attempted murder.  Clearly the charges are excessive here, and many feel that these excessiveness of the charges is due to their race.

For those not familiar with the story, Jena is a predominantly white town in rural Louisiana.  Last year a black student at under a tree that was traditionally a place where only white students congregated.  The next day three nooses appeared on the tree.  Neither the high school nor the school board did anything to punish the students involved.  They dismissed it as a student prank and did nothing.

Odd, in my high school one was usually disciplined when caught pulling pranks.  Sometimes it was a lecture or detention or even suspension.  But action was always taken.  Apparently the Jena schools have a more enlightened view on disciplining students.  Which is about all that is enlightened in this part of Louisiana.

As a result, a group of black students attacked one of the white students responsible.  They were arrested, and charged with attempted murder or aggravated battery.

The real criminals are the school authorities of Jena.  If they would have done their job after the initial “prank”  and punished the student or students who put up the nooses, the odds are good that no one would have been beaten up and 6 teenagers would not now be facing the possibililty of hard jail time.

Below are links to stories concerning the recent events in Jena.





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