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We Have met the Enemy and He is Us July 29, 2007

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To fund a new Iraqi economy and government after the March 2003 invasion, the U.S. Federal Reserve shipped 484 pallets of shrink-wrapped U.S. currency, weighing 363 tons, totaling more than $4 billion, and, according to a House of Representatives committee staff report in February, most of the cash was either haphazardly disbursed or distributed to proper channels but with little follow-up tracking. By March 2007, The Times of London found bank records revealing, for instance, that two unremarkable Baghdad small-business men (appointed to the defense ministry) eventually deposited over $1 billion in private accounts in Jordan, and that U.S. efforts to buy state-of-the-art equipment for the Iraqi army were seriously undermined because middlemen purchased only cheap, obsolete Polish munitions and pocketed the savings. [ABC News-Reuters, 2-6-07; The Times (London), 3-11-07]

I always loved Pogo. Well I guess we shouldn’t complain. It is only $4Billion. It’s not like it’s some major amount of money.


It’s Official…Bush is NOT the Dumbest Politician July 25, 2007

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This honor has to go to Yves Leterme. M. Leterme, the Belgian Prime Minister-to-be, was asked recently to sing a few bars of the Belgian National Anthem. He complied with a rendition of the Marseilles, the French National Anthem. M. Leterme’s grasp of his country’s history is apparently also as strong as his knowledge of the national anthem.

When asked why July 21 is celebrated as Belgium’s independence day, he responded that it was the day the adopted their constitution. The correct answer is that is the day that the first Belgian King accepted the throne.

Finally he demonstrated his skills at national unity by making the following comment about the French speakers, who make up 40 % of Belgium, on their reluctance to learn Dutch. “Initially, the idea was that many French speakers would adjust to the new linguistic reality. But apparently the French speakers are intellectually not capable of learning Dutch.”

Its always a good thing for ones political career to call 40% of the electorate morons.

At least we in America can take pride in knowing that our President isn’t the dumbest leader out there.

Death of a Republic July 21, 2007

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“Executive Order – n. a President’s or Governor’s declaration which has the force of law, usually based on existing statutory powers, and requiring no action by the Congress or state legislature.”

I have never bought into that Bush is stupid act. I’ve always believed it to be just that, an act. It’s purpose is to give the people the sense that he is not part of the highly educated Eastern elite, which he is in fact is. And it has worked very well. He served two terms as governor of Texas and then went on to become President. He has a record of being able to work with the Democrats. In Texas he always worked with Democratically controlled legislature and he has been able to work fairly well with Congress. Bush has, as of this time, vetoed only 4 bills from Congress. Clinton had 37, this total is similar to other recent presidents. Clearly Bush has a some of political savvy in order to work with the opposition in Congress. Indeed, Bush may be more savvy that we realize. Recently he has signed two executive orders, which seemed to have gone unnoticed for the most part by our ever vigilant media.

The first was signed on 9 May 2007 and is called “The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive“. It allows the president in case of a “Catastrophic Emergency” establish policy for “National Essential Functions” for all executive departments and State, local and territorial governments.

Apparently this overrides the US and various state constitutions. What’s a “Catastrophic Emergency“? It’s any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions. So a hurricane, earthquake or terrorist attack can cause this to be invoked. This directive is broad and vague and some feel it gives the president the authority to suspend or postpone elections if he feels the need.

The second executive order was signed 17 July 2007 and is called “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq“. On first glance it seems fairly reasonable. It allows the government to seize assets of individuals who openly or covertly interfere with or threaten the peace stability of Iraq and the Iraqi government. Which most people would think refers to individuals and groups actively operating or financially supporting terror groups in Iraq. But as one reads further, one realizes that it can also include political and anti-war protests here.

Bush, stupid? I think not. Dangerous? Only time will tell. Oh and as far as I can tell executive orders are valid until they are superseded by another executive order. So even if George II doesn’t use them, the next person can…. hmmm Queen Hillary I???