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OOPS WE DID IT AGAIN…… December 26, 2007

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And to think she’s the good one in the family.  Gee, I wonder why the publisher of her mother’s book on parenting was delayed indefinitely.  On a serious note, there are three children who are in danger of being victims of the Spears’s train wreck. Hopefully Britney can get her life on track and her sister can look to her sister as what NOT to do as a mother.

It’s Official…Bush is NOT the Dumbest Politician July 25, 2007

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This honor has to go to Yves Leterme. M. Leterme, the Belgian Prime Minister-to-be, was asked recently to sing a few bars of the Belgian National Anthem. He complied with a rendition of the Marseilles, the French National Anthem. M. Leterme’s grasp of his country’s history is apparently also as strong as his knowledge of the national anthem.

When asked why July 21 is celebrated as Belgium’s independence day, he responded that it was the day the adopted their constitution. The correct answer is that is the day that the first Belgian King accepted the throne.

Finally he demonstrated his skills at national unity by making the following comment about the French speakers, who make up 40 % of Belgium, on their reluctance to learn Dutch. “Initially, the idea was that many French speakers would adjust to the new linguistic reality. But apparently the French speakers are intellectually not capable of learning Dutch.”

Its always a good thing for ones political career to call 40% of the electorate morons.

At least we in America can take pride in knowing that our President isn’t the dumbest leader out there.